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We help clients find new ways to increase their wealth. And discover instruments that support goals for preserving capital and enabling investment without incurring unecessary debt. 

Mind blowing fact:

Health Insurance is turbulent. And bank financing is not the only way forward. Let's stress-test some assumptions.  

We were all brought up to count on and believe certain facts in that have silently shifted under our gaze. Rather than turn in dismay. This is a chance to take positive action.

Have you ever crossed a rushing river half-way? 

If you have, you realized it's a pretty bad idea--the rush of water is faster than it looks.

Major Medical insurance has been reformed half way. And banks have also experienced reform. In both cases they need to continue to make up profits in creative ways:

Insurers raised rates on premiums every year by 5-10%.

They also raised co-pays every year.

They  raised deductibles each year on average 7.1%.

They exclude  treatments and medications.  

Consumer America is $14 Trillion and has increased for 20 consecutive quarters.

That debt is post tax. You service with Post tax dollars. 

Have you stressed tested your financial planning independently? 

What proportion of your gains are stable?

How much debt are you servicing? 

What do you spend on Financing fees? 

Is it worth it? we are all school that it is necessary to spend on "free money" to attain leverage. However our analysis over a longer term shows that our system works best, plants more seeds of true growth, and yields real results, with a much lower tax basis. 

Even if you own a bank, you don't also want to make other bankers rich all the time. DO you? 


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