CoronaVirus GoFundMe Pages are Proliferating

Updated: Apr 19

Coronavirus grew at an alarming rate in many major metropolitan and artistic communities. I was speaking to my cousin in New York and she said, that people were relaxed and out in the parks, attempting to practice social distance but still doing things like playing ball or frisbee, "Then it all blew up." Now she said. she cannot keep track of how many of their friends are infected. This worries me because this is how things look in Austin right now. People are out and about, close knit groups are still having small gatherings. And friends look like they are picnicking everywhere.

This may be TMI, but that's what blogs are for, so last Thursday I met with a nurse for a quick check in on a medication and the online appointment took two hours. First of all I shared my many distractions from trying to work at home because I am a combination of laundry maid, school teacher, dishwasher, life coach, insurance agent, webmaster, and yes, even "Wax On, Wax Off," for I clean, I sweep and I dust and I vacuum all the time. It's become something of a zen practice but not helpful to paying the bills. Thank goodness my husband makes dinner. I bless him every day for that!

Then we went on another hour because she ended up telling me about her problems, (this is an occupational hazard of actually being a life coach for real). But the thing is, she just lost a dear friend, a best friend who died at 38. The friend had an autoimmune disorder, Lupus, I believe. She died of CoronaVirus but it's not fully confirmed because they could not test her quickly enough. There is data coming out now that people with Lupus are quickly overcome by CoronaVirus. It all makes me anxious as I know a lot of people with Lupus, or who have beat it with diet and lifestyle choices, but who knows what that means for their resistance to CoronaVirus?

As for my cousin, both of their businesses are destroyed for the moment. She is an event planner and she told me "There will be no events (meaning major fundraisers) in New York City until late 2020 or 2021." I asked her if she was able help with planning virtual or online events. But she didn't answer.

So I decided to look up what is going on with people and their finances due to CoronaVirus and ended up in GoFundme. People, and organizations reaching out to get support and charity to keep going for everything from rent to medical expenses. The outpouring of charity is inspiring. I am sure there are many more still suffering.

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