Protecting You and Yours

This coverage is fundamentally different from all other insurance.

It pays you directly, and it pays you when you are alive. It is not pegged to income.

It pays over and above any other insurance you may have. 

It kicks in when there is a major health event.

Unlike health insurance which pays doctors bills and hospitals, this is your direct flow of revenue to cover your life, your bills, your out of pocket expenses. It offers a generous travel budget for your treatments. 

If you are like most people, not matter what you make, you may spend a lot of it. You value your time. So you can ill afford to dig into your hard-earned savings to cover lost work, lost time, and expenses when you have to drop everything to care for yourself and your loved ones. This takes care of you in both cases, paying you if a loved one in your family is ill, or if you are.  

Now, when we are healthy we can always decide, budget and adjust. We have options now.

This coverage keeps what you have safe, and provides peace of mind now, and later when options are not there and your number one job is care. 

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In this unprecedented time it's more likely than ever to find yourself laid up and in the hospital. Otherwise any major illness will involve a few days in the ICU.  Our combined ICU and hospital plans are a vital part of protecting your financial security, and covering bills at home while you heal.  These plans levels pay from $300 to $1900 per day spent in hospital. It is a great idea to apply now, when you are most likely to qualify. If you spend even a day in the hospital,  you need to wait 12 more months. It's so inexpensive and so valuable.


Get the Coverage You Deserve

To avoid unnecessary worry about what the future holds, we ensure that you are covered. Let us put together the optimal Life Insurance Package that offers the highest level of protection to show your loved ones how much you care. Our Whole Life policies with Term rider return of premium are unique in the industry for being both a savings plan and a life insurance plan. 

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Vital protection we pray you never need

This insurance is worth its weight in gold. According to the American Cancer Society Cancer estimates over 1.8 million new cases of cancer in 2020 in the US, with many cases occurring in adolescents and 30-39 year olds. The good news is survival rates increase each year. Have you considered how you will face travel, lodging, out of pocket expenses, emotional support, afford advanced medications and meet deductibles to thrive in that long battle?


Stress less knowing life's stressors won't hurt as much

We all know that eating better and reducing stress are mandates for better heart health. Cardiac problems are not won and done but monitoring and interventions stay with us for life, which is why our customers adore the No Lifetime Limits as they seek and receive the best care, travel & lodging expenses included.

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